Customer Loyalty Manager


Are you ready to elevate your career to new heights? We have an amazing opportunity waiting for you! Join ”Confinn” Team!

We are offering: 

  • Conferences and events: Dive into a world of learning and connection, participating in ”HR Week”, ”EBIT Leadership Conference” and many more conferences, events and workshops;
  • Network with industry leaders: Forge connections, broaden horizons, and create valuable relationships within the industry.
  • Remote work, local impact: Work from the comfort of your home and collaborate with our talented team. Plus, enjoy visits to beautiful Lithuania;
  • Competitive compensation: Unlock an attractive gross salary average ranging from 2000 to 3500 EUR per month (gross).

No Jums sagaidām

Your ideal background:

  • If you have experience in sales services such as finances, selling services, telecommunications –  we’re eager to connect with you;
  • Fluent in Latvian, with the ability to effectively communicate in English and Russian languages; 
  • Charismatic communication: Captivate and connect! Your verbal communication skills will shine as you engage with clients;
  • Organized and proactive: Stay ahead of the game. Your proactive attitude and organizational prowess will make you a valued team player;
  • The “I Can Do This” mindset: Challenges excite you. You’re not just a part of the team – you’re the driving force!

Jums uzticēsim

Your main responsibilities:

  • Nurture client relationships: Master the art of maintaining strong connections with existing clients;
  • Unlock potential: Seek out and captivate potential clients who are ready to elevate their goals; 
  • Inbound and outbound: Dive into both inbound and outbound sales strategies, showcasing your prowess. 

Alga: no 2000.00 līdz 3500.00 (bruto mēnesī)
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